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       Guangxi lang jie environmental protection science and technology company was founded in 2005, the passengers brilliant chemical ceramics company, founded in 2001, lang jie environmental protection for the parent company, the north sea brilliant chemical ceramic company is a wholly owned subsidiary. Enterprise until now focused on engine exhaust gas catalytic purification agents (device), industrial emissions control equipment research and development, production. Engine classes: all kinds of fuel, displacement engine exhaust gas catalytic purifier (censored), black smoke interceptors, etc., can meet passenger cars, commercial vehicles, ships, engineering machinery, generator sets; Industrial categories: gas power generation, waste incineration, kiln emissions, metallurgy and other industrial emission control catalyst control and device. Is a high and new technology enterprises + key national torch plan high-tech enterprises. For diesel SCR catalysts key torch program project, gas fuel engine torch plan enterprises, the national 863 project number: 2013 aa031703. Get the approval by the "engine emission aftertreatment of guangxi engineering technology research center", is the enterprise of domestic few, post-treatment of guangxi only a engine emission control catalyst system (device) research and development, production of high-tech enterprises.

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Products cover

Products cover:

New products: passenger car (gasoline, diesel oil, natural gas), commercial heavy truck, light truck engine (diesel SCR, gas DOC), engineering machinery, ships, agricultural machinery engine.

Automobile service market after the product: the ternary catalytic converter repair agent, ternary catalytic converters, renewable black smoke catalytic converter.

Industrial products: generator (diesel, natural gas), industrial kiln, waste incineration (dioxins emission catalytic purification of processors.

Industrialization demonstration project of national torch plan projects
Certificate of national torch plan project
Ministry of science and technology: 863 project
The state-level scientific research projects



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